Garage Door Servicing, Installation & Repairs

Garage doors and their automatic operators must work 24/7 in all weather conditions. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong and to hear either you’re stuck in the rain or stuck outside late at night.

Like anything, with a little care and attention, your garage door will keep performing long into the future. We recommend that it is serviced by a Top Fitting Pty Ltd service technician every 12 months, to make sure it is lubricated and correctly aligned. Top Fitting Pty Ltd has qualified service technicians on-hand to service or repair your new or existing garage door. Our service technicians are highly trained specialists and they are never happier than when your garage door is working smoothly every time.

Whether you need repairs and replacement parts for your garage door, a motor or a remote; Top Fitting Pty Ltd  can help.

The benefits of having doors serviced are:

- Smoother and quieter operation

- Less stress and strain on the automatic operator and door

- Prolong the life of your door and operator

- In some cases not servicing your door could even affect your warranty

Our services include:

- Adjust door tension

- Adjust sensitivity and overloads

- Clean tracks

- Check and lubricate rollers, springs and hinges

- Check handset operation

Our experienced technicians service all garage doors and operators as well as those of most other brands*.

*Dependent on availability of parts from suppliers. 

Garage Doors In Canberra

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