It’s essential to secure your garage or shed against the elements, particularly if you live in an area prone to storms and cyclonic winds.

 We use roller doors that are built to withstand the harshest natural conditions. All roller doors feature:

  • Hi-tensile pre-painted steel construction,
  • A centre axle drum to prevent distortion in strong winds,
  • An aluminium bottom rail for added strength, with a large neoprene weather strip to keep out water,
  • A tamper-resistant lock,
  • A choice of colours to match your building, and
  • Heavy-duty roller guides and double-edge webbing for smooth, easy rolling.

We can have them custom made to any size, and the colours we use are always from the latest contemporary Australian Bluescope Steel Colorbond range. 

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The doors we use have a variety of valuable safety features, such features include:

  • Finger Proof Safety – The unique award-winning design not only safeguards your family against serious injury, it seals out elements that can penetrate conventional garage doors.
  • Auto Reverse System – The door will automatically stop and reverse if it touches an object.
  • Heavy Duty Bottom Rail – Every sectional garage door is fitted with a sturdy heavy duty bottom rail to increase strength in the lower part of the garage door. A tough and durable weather seal is added to the bottom rail for extra protection from the elements.
  • Strong and Quiet Hinges – To help your garage door run as smoothly and quietly as possible,
  • Sectional door springs that are designed to last more than 20,000 door cycles.

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With external roller shutters, you can greatly improve the security of your home. In addition, you


Electric Roller Shutters

Our electric shutters are automatically rolled up at the touch of a button installed on a wall or can be operated with remote control.

Battery Roller Shutters

What is new fresh and latest in the roller shutters technology? It is the roller shutters that is operated with a battery! These shutters are visually appealing

Manually Operated Roller Shutters

Our manually operated roller shutters are cost effective; they require no motors, no electricity and act as extremely environmentally friendly.

 Spring Loaded Roller Shutters

 Spring loaded roller shutters come with a key lock at the bottom and are used mainly for shops, doors, kiosk, booths and more. 

Roller Shutter Features and Benefits

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduce light
  • Heat and cold protection
  • Storm and wind protection
  • Quick installation
  • Noise reduction
  • Wide range of colours
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to maintain
  • Protection from bush fires


New Roller Shutter Warranty

  • 5-Year on Aluminium Components

  • 5-Year on Electric Motors 

  • 2-Year on Manual Parts

  • 1-Year on Install and Labour

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It’s easy to forget that your garage door is in fact a complex mechanical fitting. It is in fact the largest moving part in your home.You wouldn’t trust your car to anyone other than an experienced mechanic, nor should you trust your garage door to anyone but an expert.Top Fitting Garage Doors have vast experience, with a full range of doors, and offer;

  • Total Reliability
  • 10 Years Experience
  • Pro-active Communication
  • Emergency Service
  • Expert, honest advice
  • Residential

Call us on 0456368430 for all repair or service.We service Canberra, Queanbeyan and Surrounding Areas.

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If your garage door is unreliable, get it repaired before someone gets stuck inside. You might notice things like;

  • No longer running smoothly
  • Becoming noisy
  • Not shutting or opening smoothly

A repair at this stage will mean you do not encounter an emergency situation, or have an unsafe door or gate.

Like your car, your garage door needs regular servicing. This is a low cost service that should occur every 12 months. Our experienced door mechanics will check such things as;

  • Spring Tension
  • Track Alignment
  • Mechanical checks
  • Re-lubrication of moving parts
  • Resetting of limit switches

These will ensure that your door is safe and reliable for the year to come.

You may need urgent assistance, for example your door is completely nonoperational, or worse someone is stuck inside.Call us on 0456368430  we will be there promptly.

  • 365 day a year service
  • 24 hours a day
  • Residential Garage Doors

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Below are some of the many garage door services we offer:

  • Roller doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Roller Shutters
  • Roller Shutter Motors
  • Jambs and covers
  • Roller door tracks
  • Sectional tracks
  • Sectional cables
  • Sectional springs
  • Hinges
  • Weather seals
  • Cable drums
  • Bearing brackets
  • Remote controls
  • Roller door locks
  • Obstruction beams
  • Thermadoor insulation
  • Rollers
  • Manual release handles
  • Emergency key release
  • Digital keypads
  • Repairs to all makes and models
  • Insurance work
  • Damaged panels
  • Service sectional and roller doors
  • Service motors
  • Re coding remotes




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